Russian Language course

Preparatory Faculty – Rostov State Medical University

Preparatory Faculty of RSMU welcomes students from all over the world. Duration of the Faculty is carried out within a year. RSMU reputation is based on 50 years’ experience of providing a high standard of service to our students. Rostov State Medical University has been training specialists for foreign countries since 1961. The Preparatory Faculty was established in 1966. More than 12 thousand students representing 105 different countries have been prepared by the Preparatory Faculty since it was established.

       Russian Language Course- RostSMU

In 1991, Faculty was defined as the basic and leading one by the number of its undergraduate students among other preparatory faculties of Russia. It carries out its activities on the Terms of the Rules defined for foreign students studying in Russia. The Faculty enjoys a well-earned reputation for both research and teaching. Instructors of the Faculty have done a great deal in carrying out teaching programs in the Russian Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Мathematics and Regional Geography. Preparatory Faculty offers an interesting program in Russian: a Russian Language course consisting of reading, writing, speaking, listening and training with grammar lessons. The communicative methodology is aimed at breaking language barriers.

At the end of the academic year, students of the Preparatory Faculty pass the final examinations in Russian (in the written and oral forms), Biology, Chemistry and Physics

In 1980, Rostov State Medical Institute was awarded the Order of Peoples’ Friendship for the achievements in training highly qualified specialists for Russia as well as for Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Structure of the Preparatory Faculty is made up of five Departments:

  • Russian Language Department № 1
  • Russian Language Department № 2
  • Biology and Anatomy Department
  • Chemistry Department
  • Department of Physics with Mathematics

After the completion of Preparatory Faculty of the RostSMU, foreign citizens who pass the initial level of the Russian language and got the necessary knowledge for further studying of medicine in the Russian language can continue their education at RostSMU or can get admission in other universities of Russia.

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