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The Rostov State Medical University is the successor of Russian Warsaw University, evacuated to Rostov-on-Don and converted into The Don University. The best representatives of the medical schools of Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan were collected on its medical faculty and have founded their own unique Rostov medical school, which has become one of the best in Russia.

In 1930, the Medical Faculty of the University was reorganized into the Institute of Medicine, which has become the largest medical university in the South of the USSR.

   Rostov State Medical University, Russia

In the 50s, the Institute has grown significantly, the university became the first category, won the right to conduct the defense of dissertations for awarding the degree of Doctor of Science. It has organized the Evening Department and the Faculty for Advanced Training of physicians.

In the 60s, there were opened The Central Scientific Research Laboratory, The Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens, several new departments, and at the same time there was an improved clinical base.

In 1994, the Institute was granted University status, and then there were organized several new faculties.

Today The Rostov State Medical University is the largest medical research center in Southern Russia.

Faculty on Training Foreign Students and Postgraduates is in charge of international students training in the following specialist degree programs:

Rostov State Medical University- Indian Students
  • General Medicine – 6 years
  • Pediatrics – 6 years
  • Dentistry — 5 years
  • Pharmacy – 5 years
  • Preparatory course – 1 year

Admission to the first year of training in 2019 for all specialties of higher education occurs at Rostov State Medical University by the results of three entrance examinations, including

  1. Chemistry
  2. Russian
  3. Biology


Admission open for the 2019-20 academic year

For direct admission, fees; please contact our official representative of foreign students:

+91-7042284508 (IND) | +79515174507 (RUS) | website:

Reliable Russian Educational Consultants (RREC Pvt. Ltd)

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